Selection of a suitable e-commerce platform is the foundation of running a successful online business. The platform determines the features available to you for building and designing your e-commerce site. Also, it has an impact on the level of customization you will employ in achieving the uniqueness of your online store.

Nevertheless, deciding on whether to use a custom or an open source e-commerce platform is sometimes a challenge. Costs, number of products, SEO optimization, and other factors are some of the aspects to consider before deciding on which type of platform to use.

However, having information is essential to help you make an informed decision. Here is a comparison between hosted and open source e-commerce:

Hosted e-commerce platforms

Hosted platforms are solutions which allow you to pay a license and build your site on them. The provider provides all features. Also, you do not have to incur maintenance costs or software updating expenses. All you need is to build your e-commerce site and start selling immediately. Importantly, you do not have to obtain web hosting services as all comes as one package.

On the drawback, hosted e-commerce platforms offer you a limited opportunity to customize your site. Also, you have to use generic features making it hard to develop a unique site for your online business. Nevertheless, if you have constraint budget or you do not have adequate knowledge in coding, hosted e-commerce platforms are the best option.

Open source e-commerce

Open source platform allows you to build your e-commerce website from scratch without spending a dime. If you do not have enough cash to pay for the monthly subscriptions on hosted platforms and you are a guru in web development and coding, then this type of platform is your preference. Also, here you can customize your site to how you want it to look like. Hence, you have room to develop an e-commerce website that stands out from the rest.

This way, you get an opportunity to attract more visitors and create an online identity.  Also, you do not have a limitation on the number of customization you can use to make a wooing site and enhancing customer experience. However, making an outstanding website is not a walk in the park if you do not know coding. Also, you have to invest a lot of money to develop a winning e-commerce site.

All in all, both open source and hosted platforms are viable options. However, depending on your current situation and knowledge, you can select the option that suits you best.