Just as the landline telephone became obsolete, soon brick and mortar may join the same history books. People are going online. As a wise entrepreneur, establishing plans to move online at this stage is recommendable. However, deciding on the right e-commerce platform to subscribe in when developing your site is the hardest part.

Each day new platforms that promise honey and milk in your online business are popping up in the market. But as you know, there is no universal platform fit for all businesses. Nevertheless, your business goals and ambitions are cradles in selecting an e-commerce platform.

Regardless of the above, when you think of the platform to build your e-commerce website, open source platforms should be your first considerations. Here are the benefits of open source e-commerce platforms:

  • No customization restrictions

Uniqueness is the perfect road to online branding. People will visit your site first due to its look and second due to the quality of the products you are offering. However, with proprietary solutions, you have to pay for you to use the platform or get extra features.  As such, it limits your customization freedom as you do not have any access to the coding platform.

In contrary, the open source allows you to develop your website and customize it according to your likes and preferences. This is because you have an opportunity to access both developer and user interfaces. Hence, there no restrictions on the number of customization you can do to your e-commerce site.

  • Integration with the third party

When setting up an online business, you need to integrate your site with several features that may not be available on the current e-commerce platform to enhance customer experience. Open source allows you to select and equitably integrate your e-commerce site with viable third-party integrations that are essential for your business. As such, you get the freedom to choose features to work with which is difficult for other e-commerce platforms.

  • Cost-effective

Unlike the proprietor e-commerce solutions where you pay to use them, the open sources are cost effective. These platforms allow you to download and edit the code to suit your needs without incurring extra costs. Also, you get a lot of free resources that are essential to make your site to stand out. Even though you need additional costs for hosting and designing your e-commerce site, in overall, the open-sources are cheaper and cost-effective.

With this, you now have a reason to go for open-source e-commerce platforms when setting up an e-commerce website.