You want to know how ecommerce websites templates improve your business and lift your revenues? Read this article and find out! Answer this – what would you do if your website drives more traffic but you are having difficulties in converting that traffic? Believe it or not, there is only one strategy to grab those visitor’s attention! How? By implementing ecommerce website solution! It is proven that all good or bad experiences and impressions depend on your online store or in this case, your ecommerce template. If you want your visitors to remember you as a professional ecommerce store, a convenient place to shop or a place where you can have a positive shopping experience, you need to take care of the look and feel of your website.

Regardless of the size of your online business or the products you are selling, an appealing visual presence is required to present your business in the best light possible, to showcase your products, and to sell them successfully! In this article, we are going to talk about how ecommerce websites templates improve your business and give your site a charismatic look that helps you increase your sales and lift your revenues. In other words, we are going to give you facts, that will show you how exactly the ecommerce website themes affect your sale:

● Design – When it comes to design, more than 50% of the online shoppers didn’t return because of confusing or poor overall design and more than 90% of these shoppers announced that the visuals are a major factor that affects the buying decision. We can conclude that the design you are using can make or break your online store success.

● Structure – Another very important element that affects your sale and can help you increase your revenues is the structure of the website. According to the research, design website is the most successful in an F shape. Another fact to remember is that around 70% of the customers view the left side of the page more than the right. To ensure a great website structure, click here.

● Responsive – Having a site that is responsive is crucial! 88% of the online customers who are searching on a smartphone device will buy a product or service within 24 hours. 57% of the consumers won’t recommend online stores with unresponsive websites or poor mobile websites. As we already said, having a highly responsive site can attract new visitors and convert them easily into loyal buyers.

● Speed – When it comes to speed, there are two facts you need to know about – 64% of the online shoppers abandon shopping carts as the loading is slow and 79% of the online shoppers are less likely to purchase from a slow website ever again.

  • Search – 50% of the online sales decreases because the visitor can’t find the information he needs. If you want to run a successful business online, you need to make your search bar more accessible and noticeable and help your visitor find the information he is looking for or the exact product he wants to buy.
  • Menu – When deciding on navigation, our advice is to stick to a simple navigation. The simplest the better, as this will help your customers focus on the products you are offering.
  • Photos – Around 65% of the online customers said that photo quality is really important in choosing and buying the products. Use high-quality and high-resolution photos only!

Now that you know what online customers want, are you ready to play by their rules and follow their needs? Keep our tips in mind and watch your online sales and revenues grow!